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Our Aim

Our aim is to provide all Rockabilly lovers with affordable Rockabilly style clothing. Here at Fifi’s Rockabilly Boutique we have many different brands and each has been chosen by Fifi herself.

Banned Apparel

Banned Apparel have been with us since the start of our journey, their clothing has a Rockabilly style with a nautical twist, adding a touch of pin up chic to any Rockabilly ensemble. So why “Banned Apparel” I hear you ask? Simple, Banned clothing means excellent quality and great pricing. With their clothing ranging between £15 and £45 there is sure to be something for everyone. Banned Apparel have been producing Rockabilly clothing for Rockabilly Lovers everywhere.

Ahoy Sailor! this stunning “Aquarius” dress will look great for any occasion. Complete with sailor style buttons

Channel your inner sailor with this Freyja navy anchor top with a flattering scoop neckline, why not set sale. Whatever your style there is something for you. Here at Fifi’s Rockabilly Boutique we sell a number of items including Tops, cardigans, trousers, jackets, jewellery, shoes, bags, and hair accessories. Why not pick up your Rockabilly items today!

Banned apparel frejya top

So hurry and grab your Rockabilly bargains now while stocks last Our Collection