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Oooo… Rockabilly essentials

Having been a lover of all things Rockabilly and vintage for over 15 years I wanted to share my passion which is why I opened Fifi’s Rockabilly Boutique. This blog will discuss fashion, tattoos, style along with how to guides on hair etc.

The first place we have to start is to discuss What is Rockabilly and Rockabilly Wardrobe and accessory essentials.

What is Rockabilly?

This is always something that has been a question many have asked me. The answer I always give is think Hillbilly and Rock n roll combined together. a little Gingham mixed with some denim and leopard print and voila Rockabilly was born. This can include anything from polka dots through to skull print. Anything edgy often mixed with tattoos.

So what makes up our Essential Rockabilly look

There are a number of items that any Rockabilly lover wouldn’t be without to make up their outfit.

1. High waist jeans

A must for any Rockabilly pin-up wardrobe. They have to be comfortable as they are high waist. These jeans make you feel that you can take on the world giving you a lovely figure skimming your tummy. No need to worry about that zip at the front as any Rockabilly jeans that are worth their salt will have a hidden zip in the side pocket and a button to fasten.

Style note- For that Rockabilly look always have your cuffs rolled/ turned up at the bottom so that your shoes can be seen underneath.

These have to be our winner as the fabric is slightly stretchy and comfortable on the waistline. The dark navy colour gives them a nautical feel and they can be worn with any top.

2. Baseball Jacket

This fantastic piece is a staple in any Rockabilly fans arsenal. Think Grease and American Diners. This fun piece adds individual style to any wardrobe and worn with the Westons above is suitable for any occasion. Even a wedding.

3.Cardigan with embellishment

Preferably figure hugging, a knitted cardigan with a tattoo style applique is essential. Worn over a leopard print t-shirt adds an extra dimension. For me, anything with anchors on I am like a magpie (regular shoppers will know this) based on our stock. This Banned cardigan with an anchor would look great over a striped t-shirt or leopard print.

Style note – Cardigans look great tucked into high waist jeans with a bright waist cinching belt ( no. 7 on the list ).

4. T-shirts/ tops -stripes, animal print, polka dot

V neck or corcle but mainly tight fitting Anything that shows off your shoulder/ chest tattoos or shows a peep of one. These look great with jeans. Or a t-shirt with a motif with jeans gives the 50’svibe. See our collection here A selection of our favourites.

5. Baseball Boots

An integral part of any Rockabilly ensemble is these boots. Great with high waist trousers rolled up (mentioned above) and a fitted top or t-shirt.

6. Finally last but no means least…..The accessories


You will rarely see a Rockabilly lover without a hair scarf or a cherry hair clip adorning their victory rolls or Rockabilly quiff. A hair scarf is a must as this can also be used around the neck for that iconic 50’s look. Cherry hair accessories scream Rockabilly but also edgy. Our selection Rockabilly skull & Roses bandana.


To complete an outfit for that more glam pin up look add a waist cinching belt. These can be made to order for any size from Fifi’s Rockabilly

So it’s that simple in my opinion you can’t go wrong with each of the above for that essential Rockabilly style.